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Obtain your
work visa

We offer support for all procedures leading to obtaining your work visas for Canada, the United States or internationally.

Visas for Canada

We shall assist you in the coverage of the procedures by obtaining a temporary work visa, a Canadian permanent residency as well as Canadian citizenship.


Visas for United States

Whether it is for an intra-company transfer or for a short stay in the United States, we are able to help you obtain working visas such as a TN, L-1, H-1B or the Green Card.


International visas

You intend to expand your business internationally? We have the solution to help you obtain an appropriate international working visa.


Complete process management


Management of all procedures leading to obtaining work visas


Direct contact with employees to collect the required documents


Make an appointment at the American border


Meet or conference call with employees before meeting at the border so they are prepared to introduce themselves and respond adequately to questions from immigration officers


Reminder service for expiring visas


Contact, if desired, with tax specialists specializing in international taxation

Success of your projects

Our team provides you with all the essential tools to quickly obtain a work permit, visa or permanent resident status for your employees.

Personalized advice

Be assured of obtaining all the legal advice and information in accordance with the laws and regulations to facilitate the preparation of your cases.

Attention to detail

We guide you and check each of your records to avoid costly mistakes for your business.