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To meet an ever-increasing demand for personnel resulting from a labor shortage, we are able to assist you in your international recruitment efforts.

5 steps

Recruitment process


Gathering as much information as possible about your company and your recruitment needs in order to develop an international recruitment strategy that meets your expectations. Determination of your objectives and establishment of the timetable for the whole process in order to develop a personalized recruitment plan, according to your reality


Examination of candidate files in order to hire the person best suited to your needs. This first step in international recruitment can be laborious without the help of a seasoned partner. Knowing how to attract the right candidates is an art in itself. Our pool of candidates is at your disposal to allow you to contact preselected workers, which will facilitate the achievement of your hiring goals.

Work Permits

To be legally entitled to work, a foreign worker must hold a legal status under Canadian Laws. We are apt to offer a customized service, which can lead to the issuance of Work Permits, Permanent Residency Status and Canadian Citizenship.

IN THE community

Transportation, accommodation as well as reception and integration arrangements for candidates are other elements that cannot be overlooked. A successful integration will ensure the long-term retention of foreign workers and, at the same time, will allow you to benefit of a good reputation abroad. Thus, the respectability and professionalism of your company will always precede you, this, well beyond our borders.

THE business

In order to ensure a high success rate for this new association between the worker and the employer, we remain vigilant and available to question everyone. We must therefore think about the steps to take for the rest of things, both about the renewal of the work permit and for obtaining a permanent residence. Our experience and know-how remains at your disposal and our interventions are only intended to make International Recruitment an experience proving to be the most simple and pleasant for all.

Mr. Letendre and his team have helped me a lot with my company's file. An attentive and trustworthy team always ready to find solutions for their customers!
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