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Restriction of non-essential travel between Canada and the United States

It’s confirmed: United States-Canada discretionary (non-essential) travel restrictions extended until October 21, 2020.

We suspected it, but last Friday we got the confirmation: the restrictions between the two countries have been extended until October 21st. As for travel restrictions for nationals from other countries, these are in effect until September 30th.

Going back to our previous article and, without necessarily anticipating a further extension after September 30th, it is important that both employers and their future employees familiarize themselves with the current requirements governing the admission to Canada of foreign workers. Please feel free to periodically peruse the related updates,  posted on Canada Border Services Agency and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada websites.

To prepare for their arrival, make sure that your employees have all the required documents, including the quarantine plan to present when entering Canada. You can also encourage them to download the CBSA’s app, ArriveCAN, helping them to register their data 48 hours prior to arrival, to reduce physical contact and customs delays.

For employees who are nationals of countries exempt from entry visa, and awaiting the lifting of travel restrictions: encourage them to submit their work permit applications online. With the gradual opening of processing centers announced last week, and the opening of Visa Application Centres (VACs) earlier this month, we hope the IRCC will continue its effort to reduce processing times. After 6 months of travel restrictions and, given the evolving health situation across Canada and abroad, we consider that submitting the work permit application online, without waiting for the restrictions to be completely lifted, remains the only predictable way allowing you to manage the arrival date of your future employees in Canada.

As for international recruitment in times of Covid-19, refer to our last article. You will find in it an overview of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the latest measures from the Canadian and Quebec governments to hire your talents, manage the labor shortage and arrival of foreign workers.

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