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New travel restrictions in effect starting February 21, 2021

Announced and feared for more than 3 weeks already, the new measures targeting travel restrictions come into force today.


Details of the 3-day hotel stay for $ 2,000 and more are available here. You will find a summary of the obligations of travelers upon entering Canada, the reservation procedure and the participating hotels.


For more information on these measures, we invite you to read our previous articles.


We are often questioned about the impact of these measures on the arrival in Canada of temporary foreign workers (TFWs). Unfortunately, the employer compliance rules in both programs: Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program have not been updated to reflect the new requirements. In recent weeks, several scenarios regarding the application of these measures have circulated. It should be remembered that the arrival of TFWs will not by default be considered as essential so that your employees are exempt from the quarantine rules, including the 3-day hotel stay.


Unfortunately, we find that the information available on the various pages of the Canadian government website is conflicting, in the sense that, as mentioned above, the updating process appears incomplete.


We have identified a list of travel restrictions as well as possible quarantine exemptions here: https://voyage.gc.ca/voyage-covid/voyage-restrictions/isolement#exemptions. You will note that the cases of exemption are strictly interpreted and, if you decide to take advantage of them, you must provide your TFWs with the necessary documentation to be presented when entering Canada.


We will stay on the lookout for any development that may affect the arrival of TFWs and keep you informed.

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