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A grant and tools to facilitate and support international recruitment

Businesses in Quebec have the option of obtaining up to $ 1,200 per year after incurring costs for recruiting temporary foreign workers. The grant available to companies like you can reach up to 50% of the expenses incurred. This program called “Soutien pour les démarches administratives de recrutement des travailleurs étrangers” is specifically intended for companies that, for administrative procedures, use the services of a notary, a lawyer or a consultant specializing in immigration such as our firm.


“Soutien pour les démarches administratives de recrutement des travailleurs étrangers temporaires” is one of the means of intervention provided for under the second part of the “Soutien au recrutement ” measure defined by the Concertation pour l’emploi (CPE). Concertation pour l’emploi is coordinated by the ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) and encourages dialogue between all actors concerned by the labor market for inclusive and sustainable solutions. It has ten sections divided into three axes that are:

  1. Interventions in companies;
  2. Interventions in partnership and;
  3. Sectoral interventions.


“Soutien au recrutement”, that is part of the first axis, has two interventions, notably:

  1. Labor mobility and interprovincial mobility and;
  2. International mobility.



According to the February 2021 version of the CPE, the aim of the Soutien au recrutement-mobilité internationale is to:

  1. Facilitate the recruitment by Quebec companies of temporary foreign workers ;
  2. Better align the needs of businesses with the hiring of a skilled workforce, and in so doing, contribute to a balanced labor market ;
  3. Increase the number of businesses outside of major centers that hire temporary foreign workers (mainly, in sectors of economic activity and regions where there is a scarcity of labor) ;
  4. Provide additional leverage to good business practices in order to fill their vacant positions.




In the section “Soutien au recrutement-mobilité internationale”, it is provided, as underlined above, to have access to support for the administrative procedures for recruiting foreign workers. However, there are also other means of intervention such as: mission expenses organized by non-governmental partners and the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI); mission expenses organized by other organizations; costs linked to an independent recruitment activity by a company; expenses related to the relocation of employees. These are all means that you can take advantage of provided you strictly respect the established criteria. This is what we know how to do best, to help you meet the conditions for success in your procedures.


An action that responds to several government policies


Support for the recruitment of temporary foreign workers is also part of the overall workforce action plan developed to help employers but also workers and job seekers. The plan put in place for several months is divided into four sections, namely:


1. Integrate as many people as possible into the job market


This section of the plan aims to reduce the number of vacant positions in companies and increase the number of people in employment, including people with disabilities, immigrants, social assistance recipients and experienced workers. This is where the support for the recruitment of temporary foreign workers and many other actions lies.


2. Adapt as many people as possible to the job market


The actions implemented in this section of the workforce action plan aim, among other things, to increase the number of people in employment enrolled part-time in a continuing training program and to financially support businesses that provide training to their workers. Within this framework, provision is made for: training adapted to the needs of companies according to their sector of economic activity, continuous training, monitoring the progress of the workforce, recognition of skills and prior learning of workers.




3. Prepare the future workforce


Preparing the future workforce for Quebec is a means of solving the problems of the shortage of workers today, but also of arming oneself to face those of tomorrow. Quebec intends to: implement an agile process for the development and adjustment of vocational and technical study programs, increase the number of registrations in training programs leading to targeted professions and trades and increase the number of graduates in several fields.




4. Increase business productivity


By putting in place a plan to ensure the availability of labor, it is a breath of fresh air that Quebec is already providing to businesses in general. However, this fourth section of the plan aims to provide support that is even more specific to companies to make sure they are successful in addressing the workforce crisis.


These are all elements that you can fully benefit from if you turn to our firm to assist you. Our expertise, our experience and our results are the assurance that your satisfaction will be real and concrete.

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