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Visa offices in Canada

Offices in Canada

Offices that process requests

Case Processing Centers (CPCs), Centralized Intake Office (CIO) and Operations Support Center (OSC) receive and process citizenship and immigration applications. You can mail your request to these centers, but they are not open to the public and do not provide support services for the requests.


CPC in Edmonton

The Case Processing Center in Edmonton processes requests for:

  • extension of temporary resident status and temporary residence permit;
  • work and study permits;
  • permanent residence presented by live-in caregivers;
  • permanent residence – Childcare and care for people with high medical needs category;
  • permanent resident under the category of protected temporary residents;
  • loans for the cost of the right of permanent residence.

CPC in Mississauga

The Case Processing Center in Mississauga processes requests for:

  • permanent residency presented by protected persons and Convention refugees in Canada;
  • sponsorship of family members living in Canada and abroad.

CPC and CIO in Sydney

The Case Processing Center in Sydney processes requests for:

  • permanent resident card (new cards and card renewals);
  • citizenship (new applications, repudiation, revocation and reinstatement).

The Sydney Centralized Intake Office receives all applications in the following categories:

  • Skilled workers (federal);
  • Skilled trades workers (federal);
  • Canadian experience category;
  • Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Visa for starting a business;
  • Investor or entrepreneur from Quebec;
  • Skilled workers selected by Quebec;
  • Immigrant venture capital investors;
  • Federal program for self-employed workers and self-employed workers selected by Quebec.

CPC in Ottawa

The Case Processing Center in Ottawa (CPC-O) handles:

  • visitor visa (temporary resident visa) applications submitted to Canada by persons with valid status (students or temporary foreign workers only);
  • permanent resident visa applications made in the United States and Canada, after they have been received and deemed complete by CPC in Mississauga or CIO in Sydney.

OSC in Ottawa

The Operations Support Center (OSC) handles the following requests:

  • International Experience Canada work permit;
  • Temporary residence applications submitted online from Canada;
  • Verification of Status (VOS);
  • Replacement of valid temporary residence documents;
  • Modification of valid immigration or temporary resident documents.

Ottawa Relocation Operations Center

  • Applications for private sponsorship of refugees (must be sent by mail)

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