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Using the ArriveCAN application

Here is a practical guide to using the ArriveCAN application.

Before you begin, remember that:

  1. Its use is compulsory since November 21, 2020.
  2. You must provide the required information BEFORE your arrival in Canada, even before boarding a carrier or your vehicle.
  3. You will use either the application for Android or iOS systems or the especially dedicated section on the canada.ca website and you will create an account by providing your full name and an email address.
  4. You can provide information in one of the two official languages (French, English).
  5. You will provide information about the carrier, your identity, status in Canada (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, temporary foreign worker etc.), purpose of the trip to Canada, quarantine plan – if applicable (address, people who will be staying with you, etc.).
  6. You will do a self-assessment of your Covid-19 symptoms.
  7. You will send a daily confirmation regarding compliance with your quarantine plan – if applicable.

Click on the link below to download the PDF: ArriveCAN user guide

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