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Streamlining of application processing and enhancement for certain low-wage occupations

The floodgates are definitely open for Quebec employers to quickly recruit foreign workers, especially for low-wage positions in sectors with major labour shortages. Indeed, on August 6, 2021, Québec and Ottawa entered into agreements under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to, among other things, complete certain category C occupations with the simplified processing system. Since 24 May 2022, useful clarifications have been made to define the application of the new flexibilities.

A new classification of salary levels is available. It defines the recruitment of foreign workers who can benefit from the simplified treatment. Two main components are to be distinguished: the high-wage component and the low-wage component. The high-wage stream is for jobs with earnings equal to or greater than the province’s median hourly wage. The low-wage stream represents the low-wage stream of positions with a wage below the provincial median hourly wage. It is this second component that benefits from the simplified treatment. That is, employers are not required to prove the efforts made to recruit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, as required in the normal Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application process. The low-wage positions affected by the simplified salary are those in the transport, housing and health insurance sectors. In addition, the duration of the jobs offered can be up to three (3) years.

However, it should be noted that applications submitted before May 24, 2022 even for category C professions will not be able to benefit from the simplified processing. They will simply be returned if the application was not made following the rules in force regarding the type of form to be completed or proof of efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The good news, however, is that until December 31, 2023, low-wage positions for occupations eligible for simplified processing are exempt from the requirement for the limit of low-wage positions in a specific workplace. Our role, as you know, is to help you solve your need for manpower by taking advantage of all the facilities available. Contacting us is the assurance of your satisfaction.

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